Any AVSI company with registered office in India can participate in the Programme.

However, Consultants, Distributors, and/or Manufacturers who work with SIs can participate ONLY through their SIs. It is the SIs’ responsibility to clearly state the critical roles played by dominant players.

Only those projects that are fully commissioned between April 2018 to June 2019 qualify for submission.

A maximum of three projects across the categories and budgets can be submitted by each company.

However, each project can be submitted only once under any of the categories and budget.

You may for example submit two projects for the same category and budget but you cannot submit the same project in different categories or budgets.

The link here  has all the details.

We strongly suggest that you collate the info as per specifications provided first. Ensure that you have the following to complete the entry process:

  • Photos/Videos relevant for submission
  • Client Endorsement Letter
  • Consultant’s endorsement, if any

No. There is no entry fee for these awards.

The Submission Channel on SIIA website does provide the option to choose if the entry is confidential. Once that is specified, SI India Awards will not reveal the client identity in any manner.

The SI can mention the project client as large/medium enterprise, referring the nature of their business.

Having an endorsement is helpful as it does allow the judges to see the perspective of the client but NOT necessary. The endorsement can be addressed to the SI specifying the project name or it can be addressed to SIIA:

Thomas Richard Prakasam
Organising Chairman
SI India Awards 2018

We have carefully selected our judges who have years of experience in the AV industry and who have zero dealings with India. This is to ensure fair judging.

To ensure non-bias judging and any unexpected influence, the judges will not be identified till the Awards Night. Similarly the judges judge without knowing the SI or Consultant involved and judge purely on the merits of the project.

18 September 2019 evening.

Recognition! This comes in multiple formats – A trophy at the Awards night gathering where the who’s who of Indian ProAV industry convene.  This is a great opportunity to showcase the service prowess and products of the various companies involved(Consultant, major manufacturer/distributor etc).

Systems Integration Asia, the flagship publication of Spinworkz will do the media buzz through its columns – both in print and online – about the winning projects. Of course, this would be keeping in mind the client confidentiality, if any.

No. Spinworkz is not responsible to provide any travel and accommodation for companies shortlisted for the awards.

05 August 2019 by midnight.

You may email or call:

  1. Monisha Deviah: | Mobile: 09886654520
  1. Ram Bhavanashi: | Mobile: 09916617357

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