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#8 TATA Sons – Mumbai


More than 5 crore INR but less than 10 crore INR (More than USD750,000 but less than USD1.5 million)


The Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) is designed to help their customers and partners explore technology in diverse ways. Each EBC is tailored to the attendees’ interests and includes an agenda designed to address technology and supply chain issues specific to the organization’s environment.

The EBC is a collaborative ecosystem that is designed and built to demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated solutions for their customers and partners.

The entire EBC area is segregated as: Heritage History, Showcase, Data Wall, Community Space, Activity Area and Future Vision.

Heritage area: Interactive displays together with the audio system are installed in a sequential manner to showcase the TATA heritage and history.

Showcase area: 2×2 Multitouch video wall and 1×2 MultiTaction table are installed to showcase the products and their inside stories as well as to aid interaction and exploration of the products.

Data Wall: Four sets of 3×2, 46″ portrait Multitouch video walls are mounted next to each other for displaying visualizations of the data in an artistic pattern with which the visitors can interact.

Community Space: Curved 14m wide x 2 m Height, 1.9mm Pixel pitch LED video is provided to showcase the key differentiator for the Tata group in its commitment to work for the larger good of the society

Future Vision: Visualization is done through projection mapping using high-end short throw lens projectors to showcase realistic videos.

The Back-end AV system provided is on 4K, fully automatic operation and works out for seamless and easy operation. This system can also be upgraded in the future.

What did the client want to achieve?

The main objective of the EBC area is to showcase the ingenuity of Tata Heritage and history, their products and their inside stories. Storytelling using modern technology ensures that the content is interactive, Live and the use of digital walls help in displaying visualizations of the data in a beautiful and artistic pattern which is interactive and captivating for visitors. The key differentiator for the Tata group is in its commitment to work for the larger good of the society.

A coming together of key sectors of community engagement like: Healthcare, Empowerment, Education, Environment, Culture with various trusts, company initiatives across geographic locations and that calls for collaborations of government and independent agencies.

Highlighting the vision of the future to all the guests gives the client a choice to pick a stream of futuristic vision.

Scope of work your company was involved in

TATA Bombay house being the head office, intended Sigma AVIT to provide end to end solution starting from carrying out the need analysis and understanding the requirements from TATA and specifying the latest technology available in the AV industry with the user friendly system, also to provide the shop drawings and interact with other agencies (Architects/Electrical/HVAC/), Supply, Install, Testing and Commissioning of the complete project as well as to provide warranty support along with AMC support provided by Sigma AVIT in-house OM engineers.

What key challenges were faced?

  • The design was created with high-end 16K projectors along with the ULTRA short throw projectors, making all the 5 projectors seamless using back-end servers and software-based edge blending with the touch wall and vertical projection had us persistently thinking ahead and taking support from OEMs as well as coordinating with the content team. This was not only challenging but also exciting for us.
  • TATA did not want to disturb their Heritage Board room setup nevertheless wanted the latest technologies with very minimum rework. This was especially challenging, however we made it happen.
  • Each floor would be occupied by different verticals/domains (TATA Power/ TATA Steel/ TATA Chemicals/TATA Telecommunications) etc. and understanding business requirements along with the need of different verticals and different teams was a challenging task.
  • The inauguration was planned on Mr. Ratan Tata’s birthday and to meet the timelines for installation and commissioning of the system within that brief time was challenging.
  • Installation of 14 meters of curved direct LED wall for the 1st time within 3 days was quite challenging
  • Coordination with different end users

How were those challenges resolved?

  • A need analysis and functionality document capturing the requirements of client were prepared initially.
  • Employed efficient coordination with different verticals and ensured the solution was designed for seamless integration.
  • Time bound Project management.
  • Tracking of frequent changes in the requirement and response to team in agreed times lines.
  • Constructed demo rooms initially to avoid last minute changes.
  • Separate teams worked on programming along with the Client’s IT team .
  • Separate teams worked on TC and QC and coordinated with OEMs for any issues.
  • Accommodation was arranged right near the site to minimize on travel time.
  • Morning huddles were conducted every day with the entire team for 30 Minutes to review the work for each day. EOD.
  • Back and forth approvals for all the drawings / GUI / change orders / project schedule all in advance to avoid ambiguity.

How has your work helped the client?

  • Latest 4K Technology that is up-gradable in future
  • We have successfully aided the client to achieve the precise functional requirements as per the initial conceptualization.
  • Deployed centralized fusion software for complete monitoring of the AV system, Data and Reporting,
  • Help desk and Support
  • Energy saving (Lighting control system with occupancy sensor)
  • Integration with other agencies – IT Help desk support/Pantry calling system
  • Implemented state of the art technology to showcase the TATA history, products and commitment to work ensuring a larger good of the society.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

  • To have acquired a large-scale project from TATA which needed implementation of the latest AV technologies.
  • The project was implemented within the short span of 15 days and we had the unified support of OEMs from Singapore, US and India.
  • To have witnessed the prestigious Mr Ratan Tata visit the EBC and experience it during the inauguration.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

1. MultiTaction displays were used on the table to have the touch operations next to the wall and the
client can swap and push the images from the MultiTaction table to the video wall.
2. Planar Video Wall displays to play the content related to TATA business & history
3. PQ Labs for the touch wall with 32 Touch at the same time is been used for the planar wall
4. Samsung frame displays and flip display
5. Glux Direct LED wall for 14 meters of wide and 1.5 meters of Height
6. Display touch sensors with transparent skin for the virtual area
7. Epson 16K ANSI lumens with ultra-short throw projectors.
8. Data Ton for the edge blending and seamless projection.
9. Apple iPad (user Interface)


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