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#36 Amazon HYD13 Multipurpose Hall – Cafeteria


More than 5 crore INR but less than 10 crore INR (More than USD750,000 but less than USD1.5 million)


1000 seated cafeteria will be used as multipurpose hall,

  • Scenario-1 : Regular Cafe mode with displays displaying PIP content of DTH and Branding content with Light BGM
  • Scenario-2: Town Hall mode
  • Scenario-3 : cultural event mode

What did the client want to achieve?

Client wanted ease of operation for using cafe as multipurpose hall with three different modes, as mentioned below,

  • Scenario-1 : Regular Cafe mode with displays displaying PIP content of DTH and Branding content with Light BGM
  • Scenario-2: Town Hall mode
  • Scenario-3 : cultural event mode

Here is speech intelligibility and hassle free content viewing are the main requirement of the client along with ease of operation and future scalable.

Scope of work your company was involved in

Our company was involved in following scope of work

  • complete solution designing for AV and stage lighting
  • AV equipment supply
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Training
  • AV operational support

What key challenges were faced?

Key AV solution used,

2100 Ansi Lumens Christie projectors used for stage along with Dalite 208 inch screen. 10 extended displays with preview monitor and control room monitors.
complete solution is designed on AMX SVSI AV over IP system and SVSI windowing processors

Audio: Harman JBL CBT 1000 series speakers have been used along with reference microphones to control the Speaker gain automatically by sensing the signal to noise ratio to increase the speech intelligibility.

There are stage monitors, sub woofers along with vocal and instrumental microphones. for audience on press of one button cameras along with lights will focus on the person who has picked the microphone.

Lighting: Martin stage lighting along with DMX controller has been implemented
Control system: there is an AV control room to monitor the stage and event.

Challenges faced are,
Acoustic properties and reflective surfaces of cafeteria with three sides glass and reflective floor.
AMX was not certified to get into client network only Crestron control systems was certified to get into the client network.

How were those challenges resolved?

  • Acoustical challenges have been countered using Beam steering speakers of JBL CBT 1000 where in which sound can be directed towards the listeners and it can be attenuated until reaches the glass windows or reflective surfaces.
  • There are reference boundary microphones installed on the ceiling for sensing the noise and with respect to signal to noise ratio it automatically increases or decreases the speaker gain to have better speech intelligibility. since AMX devices were not certified in client network, we used Crestron PRO3 with dual NIC and connected AMX SVSI system to NIC -1 and Client network to NIC-2.

How has your work helped the client?

Client can use cafeteria as multipurpose hall. they need not to invest again on huge space to seat the 1000 people for town hall or for cultural event. One hall does serve three purposes. It helped client to use their space for multipurpose which saved their cost of space and efficient utilization of the space and resources.

Client need not to rent any audio system or stage lighting nor the stage during any cultural events or town hall applications.

Its completely future scalable model with less or minimal investment required in case of increasing the I/O in future

Best in quality video and sound along with proper stage lighting with better speech intelligibility.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

We could able to achieve the speech intelligibly with loud and clear sound to serve more than 1000 seated space which can serve for multipurpose.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

  • Christie 2100 ansi lumens WUXGA Laser projectors
  • Dalite 70265EL – Tab tension screens of 208 inch of diagonal size
  • Samsung displays
  • Chief TS318SU dual swing arm mounts
  • Cisco SX80 codec system
  • AMX SVSI 2400 series encoders and decoders
  • Cisco Catalyst switch with SFP modules
  • AVONIC cameras
  • AKG microphones
  • JBL CBT 1000 Speakers
  • Martin lighting with DMX interface
  • Clearcom event communication system
  • Crestron control system
  • Belden cables


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