CATEGORY: Best Application of AV in Corporate

#23 Large Global Institute


Premium segment of 10 crore INR and above (USD1.5 million and above)


This Large Financial Institute is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world. This year was their 150th year of existence and the company wanted to showcase their support to the Indian markets. They had multiple offices at EGL Bengaluru and wanted to consolidate their offices in one Single campus here in India. The company opened its new $250-million Bengaluru office the 30th May 2019. The office, which will serve as a global centre supporting innovation, has 1.2 million sq ft of building area housed in three 10-storey towers, with a seating capacity for approximately 7,300 employees.

It features world-class childcare, health and fitness facilities, and rooms for indoor recreation, innovation, and contemplation, as also event spaces. They broke broke ground for the construction for the new Bengaluru office in 2014.

Centre of innovation

“Our Bengaluru office has become one of the firm’s global centres of innovation focussed on the development and application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to help solve business problems for our worldwide network,” said the head of the company in Bengaluru.

The world-class facilities built into our new office – 150 ORR (Outer Ring Road), which is a name that commemorates the firm’s 150th anniversary this year – will enable our people to further locally innovate and collaborate with our offices around the world,” he said.”

In addition to being LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum-certified, the new office is also WELL Gold-certified as it has incorporated features that impact human health and wellness in buildings through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

The company’s Bengaluru operations, which started in 2004 with 290 people across five functions, has over 5,000 professionals across 14 functions and is the company’s third-largest office in the world by headcount. It has the second-largest number of engineers after its headquarters in New York. Over the past five years, the Bengaluru office headcount has grown at 24 per cent CAGR. During the same period, the company also increased campus hiring of full-time employees in India by 20 per cent.

What did the client want to achieve?

Being in the financial business they also wanted to get into development and application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to help solve business problems for our worldwide network. They wanted to have the state of are AV gear installed across their facility to ensure they are LEED Platinum Certified and WELL Gold certified company her in India. Lighting solutions and the AV solutions for the Wellness centre was the key to ensure the company is certified respectively. They wanted to have multiple rooms which cater to Video Conferencing to save on travel costs and save the time spent by their employees when ever they needed to travel. As their earlier office was in multiple buildings across the same campus, they used to have issues getting meeting rooms for their collaboration sessions and wanted to achieve such issues were nullified for better productivity.

Scope of work your company was involved in

We have been having this company as our client since the last 8 years and had built their older offices at EGL. AVID was chosen as the AVI’s for their complex room integration. The company were looking for Skilled AVI’s for this project and had two phased integrations. The first being Integration of volume-based rooms but with basic AV gear and the second being very complex integration for smaller quantity of rooms. We were selected for the Complex rooms integration which comprised of 200+ Seater Auditorium, 1 Multipurpose room, 11 Functional Conference rooms (FCR’s), Lighting Solutions for becoming LEED Certified, Wellness Centre which was an integral part of becoming WELL Gold Certified, Amities room, Cafeteria and Digital Signage across the facility.

Apart from the supply of the Av equipment, we were also involved in Installation & Commissioning, Project management, CAD Designing, Value Engineering and Programming of the 1000+ equipment getting installed in their facility. The Auditorium & MPR rooms were identical in nature except for the microphone system used in the Auditorium. The Auditorium had smart seats having the Televic Chairman delegate systems. Each of these rooms have one Large Active LED wall from Planner and appoxiamately 35 ft x 16 frt (one of the largest used across India) Apart from this we have Crestron’s DM solution incorporated for Switching & Control purpose. All the rooms have LG large format display’s. The client also wanted to have Broadcast quality of solutions and we used the Panasonics latest 4 K Camera’s

What key challenges were faced?

Being a high value project, obviously we had multiple shipments from various countries which was a logistics nightmare and also funding an 8+ million-dollar project. The complexity of the project and programming was the most challenging part of the execution. As the client also wanted to broadcast their All hands meeting & training also, they wanted to use high end Broadcast gear which is seldom used by any AVSI here in India. As the project progressed the client’s scope of work too changed with introduction of more functionalities for these rooms, as the Users wanted some enhancement is the earlier design intent. Lead times of these goods were not only a challenge but also getting them within the said time lines was one of the key result areas for us, as the same was directly proportional to the execution of this humungous project.

As we all are aware AV Integration is a niche filed and getting the right skilled resources and AV talent for variety of the solutions provided in this project was a one of the challenges we faced. The most important challenge of any AV integration is creating a vehicle for information flow. Without a dependable delivery system for communication, mistakes happen. Critical information needs to be provided in real-time, so every member of a team is instantly informed. The team is often diverse and includes sales, design engineers, order management, programming, testing and installation technicians, project management, construction trades, and the help desk.

How were those challenges resolved?

To start with as we aware of the risks involved for such a huge project, we ensured delivery of the equipment in phases depending on the site conditions, hence minimising the upfront funding costs also, and planned the supplies accordingly. We dedicated a sperate team of Programmers for this project who were only involved for months together for this project and involved the team from Day one of the project for the team to understand the expectations and logic flow the Client & Consultant had in mind.

The new AV gear which was used in this projects, we pro-actively got our Project Managers and Assistant PM’s trained by the OEMs for proper integration, apart from this we also involved these OEMs from the kick off stage to value add any additional solutions / skills required for the integration. Change of Scope is always been a part of projects, and having prior experience with the client helped us to overcome such challenges, especially in the AV industry, we lack skilled AV talent, we at AVID had been working earlier itself for this project even before the RFQ was floated, this helped us to see beyond the obvious and we proactively hired newer fresh talent months ago and trained the team to execute such complex project. Early engagement with the client not only helped us to secure this project but also helped in hiring the right AV talent and advance procurement even before the order was placed on us, hence saving time.

How has your work helped the client?

Apart from getting once centralised campus the client achieved to get all the AV gear under one roof and managing all the equipment in one single campus, hence reducing the resources deployed across the various campus to manage them. The consolidation of all these AV gears also helped the support team to access the equipment faster.

The right audio and visual (AV) can have an enormous impact on any office environment. Nowadays, a properly-working AV system is a necessity and no more an essential luxury, especially in conference rooms and other meeting areas. The High-quality AV equipment which we installed at the clients place significantly enhanced the presentation experience & collaboration effort that a team takes part in. We had integrated the Functional Conference Rooms (FCR’s) for the client which was used for presentation / distance communications / collaboration and training purpose accordingly.

The Business team benefitted in two major ways. First, teleconferencing becomes more reliable and worthwhile, so travel expenses were minimized to a great extent. Telework also becomes more of a viable option for employees, since certain components make desktop-to-desktop interactions more feasible. Finally the HR team who wished to interview remote job candidates no longer had to pay for the candidate travel expenses. Second, AVIs are ideal for highly collaborative businesses. For example, two users in two different countries used the interactive whiteboard feature to work on the content together while speaking to one another in real time and could store the content in the cloud

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day as stated by Jim John the famous American Philosopher, our overall experience has been a proud one for us. We had many proud moments for this project as it encompassed 1.2 Million Sq Ft of area of pure AV Integration. It was amongst the largest AV Project executed in the industry. The value of the project itself was one of the largest projects in the industry which was close to 8 Million USD, hence winning the project was a very big proud moment for all of us. The challenges which we overcame of a fast track project give a sense of self satisfaction and the client being very happy with our team was a feather on our cap.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

  • Planner / Leyard: This was the main LED’s we used for the Large Wall of each being 35ft x 16ft. This comprised close to 20% of the overall project.
  • Crestron: Their DM solutions which we used also envisaged the control of the full facility
  • Panasonic: The latest 4 K camera’s used for broadcast purpose were the first in any Indian Corporate ever used, in fact it was their new launch itself.
  • Vineten & Fujinon lens : Moving head for the Panasonic Camera had the Vinten Head and for capturing the content as required we used the Fujinon lens
  • Newtek: These were the Broadcast Switcher / mixers used for the Panasonic & HDMI inputs incorporated in this project
  • LG – Large format Display for all the rooms and also the User level Monitors were the 32″ Curve displays


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