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#22 Mondelez Joy House 2 (Meeting rooms, conference room and training rooms)


Less than 1 crore INR (Less than USD150,000)


M/S Play provided the entire Audio Video and Automation Solution for the Meeting Rooms, Conference room and Training Room in terms of principle design of system, installation and commissioning with guaranteed high-performance operation. Fully integrated Audio Video and Automation system gives client the confidence to carry out various seminars presentations without any hesitation.

Audio Video:
Meeting Rooms (4PAX Meeting Rooms x 2 and 6PAX Meeting Rooms x 4)
Meeting Rooms and Conference Room are mainly used for presentations and collaboration. For a corporate giant like Mondelez, the meeting rooms are available for very limited period of time and it was vital to have a manageable straightforward system that allows them to operate things smoothly. All the focus at design phase of the project was to bring in an uncomplicated plug and play set up for the ease of use.

Multiple rooms of different sizes have the same functionality and setup sizes include 4PAX and 6PAX and a conference room.
Wired and Wireless presentation facilities were provided in the rooms which allow a seamless presentation experience. The rooms also function in Auto Mode wherein by default the content on the presentation device will be shown on the display wirelessly. This switching from wireless to wired and vice-versa can be done easily without any manual intervention. If the user wants to have a wired presentation, they just need to plug the cable from the Cable Cubby and the contents will be shared on the Display. The plug-and-play setup allows the users to get their technical work done quickly and effortlessly.
Retractable Cable cubby was used on the tables of these rooms which readily retracts the cable back into the cable cubby when user unplugs it from their devices. This renders the table free of messy cables and untidy wires and also makes it look professional.

4PAX Meeting Room Equipment
1. 49″ Display
2. Wireless Presentation
3. Retractable Cable Cubby with (HDMI, VGA-Audio, USB-C)
4. HD Scaling Auto Switcher

6PAX Meeting Room Equipment
1. 55″ Display
2. Wireless Presentation
3. Cable Cubby with (HDMI, VGA-Audio, USB-C)
4. HD Scaling Auto Switcher

Conference Room

  • Set up of the Conference room was similar to that of Meeting Room but an additional video conferencing system was installed here for collaboration.
  • Video Conferencing helps people meet, collaborate and share ideas through the internet. It also saves a lot of time and money. A dual-display was also provided wherein one screen shows the stream from far end whereas the other displays the content to be shown.

Conference Room Equipment
1. 75″ Display x2
2. Wireless Presentation
3. Cable Cubby with (HDMI, VGA-Audio, USB-C)
4. HD Scaling Auto Switcher
5. Video Conferencing codec

Training Room
The Digital Integrated Training Room AV System Helps Trainees to improve their learning Experience with the High-Level AV Training & immersive technology which helps increased functionality in today’s corporate world which will further play an important role in attracting trainers towards the training programs.

We have a Multi- Setup integration inside the training room which allow users to experience the richness of the training room’s state-of-the-art technology. The system supports AV Presentations & Video Viewing application.

This training room can be used as a whole or can be separated into two rooms whenever necessary.

Training Room Consists of Laser Projector having 20K hours of lamp life providing better clarity and high image resolution and Tab Tension Projector Screen providing flat surface image projection free of lateral movements for making the presentation. Some of the salient features of the aforementioned are as follows:

  • Presenter have the facility Wired and Wireless presentation.
  • It consists of local sound reinforcement system for participants to hear a clear audio of the presenter, remote participants and program audio.
  • A video conferencing system for collaboration,
  • A white board capture system for making the local white board a digital board,
  • Reinforcement monitor for participants seated at the rear of the training room.
  • Crowd Microphones for Participants to make their mobiles a microphone, also provide polling features.

The white board capture system works on the principle that a basic regular white board is transformed into a digital whiteboard that livestreams the content written on it and the same can be shared through video-conferencing system. This function helps the remote user to get properly engaged in the training. Although the white-board is small in size, this system allows the content on the board to be displayed through a projector onto a screen.

Another very useful feature added to these rooms is the facility of crowd microphones. This is especially essential for crowded rooms where communication with audience takes place. Crowd microphones convert a normal mobile phone into a microphone for sound reinforcement . This function omits the hassle of passing microphone which is time consuming.

Training Room also have the iPad for controlling all the presentation activities such as controlling the projector and Projector Screen, Switching of Sources from Wired to Wireless Presentation or Video Conferencing, for accepting the participants’ requests for joining the session of the white board capture system and for allowing the participants to speak with their mobile phone and for conducting audience poles.

All the above-mentioned rooms also have room scheduling feature available where users can book the rooms using Outlook. Also Displays of all the rooms get turned off Automatically after the office Hours, which was achieved purely using AV technology only, displays which were supplied have CEC control through which wireless presentation device shuts down the display automatically after office hours.

The following are provided in all the rooms:
1. Laser Projector
2. Tab Tension Projector Screen
3. Switcher (with built-in processor and DSP)
4. Cable Cubbies
5. Wireless Presentation Device
6. White Board Capture System
7. Video Conferencing System
8. Microphones (Wireless hand Held, Wireless Lapel, Gooseneck, Catch Box)
9. Crowd Microphone
10. Speakers and Amplifiers

What did the client want to achieve?

M/S PLAY was hired to install a state-of- the-art AV and Automation solution in major areas of the Mondelez work space, including solution in Meeting rooms, conference room, training room and Automation. Client wanted to have a solution that was easy to use and effective. They did not want any IT personnel to be present during the meetings and presentations. This meant that the system should be uncomplicated and hassle free to use so that even a novice can operate it without going into the too much depth of technicalities. Also, client wanted to have a room scheduling functionality involved in all the rooms. They wanted to have digitalized training room with state-of-the-art AV technology in it. But all these needed to be achieved within the constraint budget limit

Scope of work your company was involved in

M/S PLAY was hired for design and built all the Meeting Room, conference Rooms and Training Room with AV and automation Solution. We provided Mondelez with a range of high-end audio-visual solutions to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration to enhance the quality of their business. Meeting rooms and conference Rooms have Plug and Play setup along with the room scheduling and Automatic Switch Off of the Display after the office hours. The training room is fully digitalized, divisible room where user can use it as two separate rooms and also as one single room for large trainings and Town Halls.

Design for Audio Video in training room is to provide the latest technology available in the market. We installed a single user interface (i.e. iPad) for automating all the AV equipment to make the system easy and comfortable for the end users to operate. We provided them the most commonly used features and some customized advanced features so that using an AV facility is neither hectic nor time consuming. It will support customized presentation configurations as per the personal need of the end user. The graphical user interface of the iPad has been set up in such a way that even a novice can operate it. It has purposefully been made uncomplicated so that the user can carry out tasks without having to put much efforts.

What key challenges were faced?

Meeting Rooms and Conference Room
A. Client wished to have Plug and Play setup in these room and wished to use both Wired and Wireless presentation facilities.
B. Table should look be neat and clean
C. Room booking should be digitally managed
D. Displays should automatically get switched off after office hours

Training Room
A. Room was supposed to be used in both divisible and combined mode.
B. Standard White Board needed to be converted into a Digital Board
C. Room acoustic was a major challenge because there was no false ceiling and the main ceiling was too high
D. Room should have a lot of Ambient light
E. Passing of Microphone from one participant to other at the time of Town Hall

How were those challenges resolved?

Meeting Rooms and Conference Room
Selected Devices was harnessed to it full functionality for avoiding extra cost on Automation.
A. HD Scaling Auto Switching Functionality and Wireless presentation device was connected on the Input of the receiver so that it automatically gets switched to Wireless Device if no wire is connected.
B. To keep tables neat and clean retractable cable cubbies were used so that cables automatically go back in to cubbies when disconnected
C. Wireless presentation device was built in room scheduling feature which can be easily configured with Microsoft exchange server
D. Using CEC Command from the wireless presentation device, displays get switched off after office working hours.
Training Room
A. Reinforcement Displays was used as stand alone system when room was used in divisible mode.
B. Use of latest white board capturing system was used for transforming a Standard white Board into a Digital Board
C. Acoustical treatment for the room was suggested to control room acoustic.
D. We suggested Motorized curtains for the room which can be easily integrated with the existing Control processor avoiding extra cost of relay modules.
E. Digital crowd microphone technology was used to make it easier for communication from audience to take place.

How has your work helped the client?

After the successful implementation of AV Solution

For Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

  • Users are now able to book meeting rooms and conference room from their desk, no wastage of time for setting up AV System, user can start meeting instantly which is increasing the productivity of the meetings, Automatic switch off of displays after office hours leads to energy conservation.

For Training Rooms

  • Design of Simplified Graphical user interface is helping the client such that now they do not require any additional human resource for setting up the AV System.
  • Remote Participant become more engage into the training.
  • Round the clock room scheduling available
  • Time reduction, reduction in confusion, and reduction in the additional human resource for passing of the microphone during the time of Town Halls with the help of digital technology of crowd microphones
  • Crowd Microphones also provide the instant poling facility.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

Budget was the major constraint, to include all the above mentioned functionalities for multiple rooms was a real challenge so using product functionalities to full extent became the necessity of the project, training room was built using one switcher which has a built in processor, Audio DSP and Wireless presentation were set to be utilized to their full extend.

Following Published AVIXA standards was used
1. Audio Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols
2. Audio Coverage Uniformity
3. Display Image size for 2D content in Audio Visual System
4. Cable Labeling for Audio Visual System
5. Video Conferencing Lighting
6. Rack Building for Audio Visual System

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

1. Crestron AM200 (Wireless Presentation, Built-in Room Scheduling)
2. Crestron HD-MD-400-C-E- KIT (Auto Switching Transmitter and Receiver)
3. Crestron FT-700 (Cable Cubby) -For Meeting and Conference Room
4. Crestron FT-200(Cable Cubby) – For Training Room Podium
5. Crestron DMPS3-4k-350-C Air media (Switcher with Built-in Processor, DSP and Wireless Presentation)
6. Sony Projector (VPL-FHZ61)
7. SUVIRA (Projector Screen)
8. Biamp Crowd Mic
9. Shure Wired and Wireless Microphones
10. Apart Audio Speakers
11. Apart Audio Amplifiers


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