CATEGORY: Best Application of AV in Corporate

#20 Northern Trust Corporation – Pune


Premium segment of 10 crore INR and above (USD1.5 million and above)


Every Facility been built with state of the art AV system which will enable the business team to be connected with their partners, colleagues and other business teams all over world. It will create a seamless environment for one to one, one to many or many to many interactions between users.

It will offer ‘Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd’ Customers best in class experience of branding, showcase and presentation and will also help them in understand how ‘Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd’ services could meet their business needs and deliver world class business services to achieve their business goals.

What did the client want to achieve?

Client had given us functionality required in EON park facilities and told us provided AV Design standards of global levels. They wanted to setup office in Pune India.

Client wanted to us provide complete AV Design & Install entire facility of Northern trust EON park over period of 2-3 Months without comprising in any aspect of Design to execution stage. So that Installed AV Solutions could meet their business needs and deliver world class business services to achieve their business goals

Scope of work your company was involved in

  • GENESIS IT INNOVATIONS LTD were involved in AV Design, Supply, Integration, Commissioning, Programming, Documentation & Training end user
  • Coordinating with PMC, Architect.
  • Audio, Video & Control System Performance
  • Cable Management, Termination, and Labeling
  • System and Record Documentation
  • Electrical & IT Support
  • Operations and Support
  • Physical Environment Physical Installation
  • Serviceability & Repair process.

What key challenges were faced?

  • Key Challenges were introduce Newer Technologies such as Leyard TWS LED Active Video Wall.


  • Direct view LED technology which is becoming an increasingly popular against typical LCD based video wall solution with its ability to deliver truly seamless images, scalability to any size and shape with Video wall Processor. Finally we are able convince on usage of LED & successfully install the same in Reception Area


  • Eliminating Considerable number of typical handheld & Lapel Microphones with Introduction of Catch box Pro.Which created active participation in Training Rooms & Town hall session in Cafeteria.


  • Introduction of Panacast Camera- 2 for All the Skype for business Rooms for Integration for all Typical Huddle Room spaces.

How were those challenges resolved?

We explained with Advantages on both technical & Commercial point of view, by which the Installed AV System could meet their business needs and deliver world class AV Facility to achieve their business goals

  • Leyard TWS LED Active Video Wall,
  • Catch box Pro Microphones
  • Panacast Camera -2 & Town hall Cafeteria AV Requirement.
  • Design challenges were resolved with multiple meetings with their teams to meet their need.
  • Deadline was met with best quality and cost effective products.
  • Remote location delivery of products were made with time based management of shipments and complete tie up with logistics.

How has your work helped the client?

  • The cost of implementation was lessened and within a short time delivery of all client side requirements were done.
  • Tight timelines and implementation helped client cut travel cost and arrange for meeting through video conferencing and meeting room solutions provided by our expert engineers.
  • Local Building norms were followed while sourcing products and implementation to provide a complete Audio Visual solution.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

The main challenges for the project were: Setting up their Pune office in India and Matching the global standards, remote location and less time given for the project . However, we were able to execute the project within two and a half months period.

So, we are proud of complete audio visual and display setup keeping in mind all client requirements, cost efficiencies, design aspects and remote location design, delivery and installation of best solutions for our client.

Successful achievement of all global standard requirements and timely completion of the project are the reasons that makes us proud.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

Below are OEM reference

1.Polycom 12. JBL
2.Crestron 13. Labgruppen
3.Leyard 14. Crown
4. Biamp 15. Tannoy
5. Shure 16.Dalite
6.Catch box 17. Valrack
7.Kramer 18. Icron
8. Leyard 19. Logitech
9.Panacast 20. Smartech
10.Panasonic 21.Barco
11.Epson ` 22.D-link


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