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#16 Covestro – Navi Mumbai


Less than 1 crore INR (Less than USD150,000)


Covestro is a producer of high-performance polymers which are used in various manufacturing industries. Their products include polyurethanes and high-performance polycarbonates as well as precursors for paints, adhesives and sealants.

Actis was asked to equip and integrate the AV infrastructure for Covestro, which included Meeting Rooms, Cafeteria, Leisure Spaces, a BoardRoom and an Amphitheatre.

What did the client want to achieve?

The Covestro team wanted to create a new meeting infrastructure for smoother internal collaboration and better interactions with clients. Since their products often feature in complex industrial applications, discussions related to them can be highly technical in nature.

As a result, the team wanted the Navi Mumbai office to be equipped with the latest AV technologies to help make business-critical interactions simpler. Also in addition to the rooms being accessible when they were needed, it was also important to ensure that the technology provided was simple and cost-effective to use for meeting participants.

A greater priority was given to the Boardroom and the Amphitheatre, which can accommodate larger collaborating groups and also require a wider range of collaboration-supporting technologies to be incorporated. The Amphitheatre room also needs to work as a live venue for the Town Hall interactions with employees at offices located elsewhere.

Scope of work your company was involved in

At Covestro Navi Mumbai, the Actis Technologies team was responsible for building 7 Meeting Rooms (from 4-8 seats), a 19-seat Boardroom and an Amphitheatre/Town Hall area. Since Covestro already had some standardised designs and technology choices, we incorporated these into specific rooms at their Navi Mumbai office. Room scheduling and wireless presenting has been adopted widely and a digital signage solution has also been provided.

A 19-seat Boardroom has been created for senior executives which features several technologies to create a simpler and smoother collaborative experience. Connectivity is simplified greatly by a wireless collaboration gateway and an 8,000 lumen WUXGA LED laser projector generates crisp images for amazing visual clarity. Audio performance is enhanced by the use of ceiling microphones and an audio conferencing processor.

The Amphitheatre can be used for live events like Town Halls and is equipped with a plethora of features for more convenient management. This includes a control system with a touch panel, a wireless presentation gateway and a 123″” bright high-resolution projector. A high-quality audio experience is achieved with the use of ceiling speakers, a DSP and handheld microphones.

One of the meeting rooms is divisible and can accommodate up to 16 people when combined or transform into two separate meeting venues for 8 persons when divided. Each room has a 55″ Flat LED Display but when the rooms are combined then presenters can switch to a larger 109″ projector-driven display. This allows an additional meeting space to fit in larger groups.

What key challenges were faced?

The key challenge in this project was achieving the goals and designs of the Covestro team while sticking to a budget.

While features like room scheduling, wireless presenting and high-quality displays were important, more expensive integrated control systems were not incorporated into most rooms.

They also wanted to make sure that meeting room bookings and allocations were simple and that double-booking of rooms was avoided.

How were those challenges resolved?

The solutions provided by Actis have been aimed at reducing complexity within the various collaboration rooms, both as a way to trim costs and make things simpler for users. To achieve this, similar equipment has been implemented across most meeting rooms which creates a consistency of experience as presenters move from one meeting room to the other. Ensuring that the rooms are simple to use even without more expensive control systems also require careful selection and implementation so they fit into the budgets.

A room scheduling system was also incorporated with wall-mounted panels in each room, to ensure that scheduling was easily accessible and convenient. Soft VC is the primary method for video collaboration, and teams simply connect to room displays, while in the Amphitheatre and Boardroom there is support for using the BlueJeans VC solution for Town Hall meetings etc. Only one meeting room has been equipped with a hardware-codec based VC solution.

How has your work helped the client?

Covestro was looking to create AV-enabled meeting infrastructure that would allow their teams to collaborate more effectively but also deliver well on ROI. The organisation had standardised on the equipment that they use (Extron featured extensively in our implementation) and we ensured this was followed in the implementation.

Flexibility continues to be one of the most important parameters for most organisations and ample adaptability has been created through spaces that allow for multiple uses. Smaller or larger groups can meet and collaborate very effectively using soft VC (largely BlueJeans) for video or audio conferencing.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

Our team takes great satisfaction in the fact that we were able to effectively translate the Covestro teams designs into their office in Navi Mumbai both effectively and to their team’s satisfaction.

This project was executed within a definite budget but still provides them with simple and effective solutions for a wide set of collaboration needs. Team members are able to access collaboration or meeting spaces easily and are able to complete collaborative tasks effectively. The facilities created are also flexible enough to cater to small, medium and large groups very effectively. The use of Soft VC increases the flexibility for the organisation and for the users, since it can run off a laptop.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

  • LG 55UH5c – 55 inch LG Multiple Screen Split Ultra HD Signage
  • Extron 60-1563-103 – TLS 725M 7″” Wall Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel white
  • Extron 42-268-01 – HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System
  • Extron 60-1558-11 – ShareLink 250 W EU
  • LG 65UH5c – 65 inch LG Multiple Screen Split Ultra HD Signage
  • EPSON EB-L1405U – WUXGA LED laser projector 8000 AL – including optics
  • Extron 60-850-01 – XPA 2001-70V Mono-Amplifier – 200 W
  • Extron 42-141-23 – FF220T Speakers (Pair=2 units) Metric
  • Shure MXA910F-60cm – MXA 910-W Ceiling Microphone Array
  • Shure P300 – P300 IntelliMix


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