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#14 Swiss Re, Fairwinds – Bangalore


Premium segment of 10 crore INR and above (USD1.5 million and above)


Swiss Re India decided to create a new facility to bring employees across different locations under one roof at Fairwinds, Bangalore. In order to improve the meeting and collaboration experience for its teams, the Multimedia team at Swiss Re decided to equip 29 meeting and training rooms with newer and more effective AV and collaboration tools. The new SwissRe facility at Fairwinds featured almost 4 lakh sq feet of workspace.

What did the client want to achieve?

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, or Swiss Re, is the world’s second-largest reinsurance company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a leading, diversified global reinsurer providing insurance and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer.

The Multimedia team at Swiss Re asked Actis to help create better collaboration infrastructure for the new 4,00,000 square metre workspace being created at Fairwinds in Golf Links Business Park, Bangalore. Designed along with their AV consultants, this facility features a total of 29 meeting and collaboration rooms of varying sizes.

The Swiss Re team wanted to create flexible, multi-purpose infrastructure and chose to deploy Crestron’s Digital Media systems for simpler sharing, easier connectivity and better video and audio clarity.

Training is a key application at Swiss Re, and is linked to the achievement of important organisational business goals. Therefore Actis was tasked to create better equipped and more flexible spaces to host training programs which can involve varying group sizes.

A large Digital Cafeteria-cum-Town Hall room was another important collaboration space for Swiss Re, since they wanted it to host smooth two-way broadcasts involving multiple office locations and participants from across the globe.

Scope of work your company was involved in

Actis was approached by the Multimedia team at Swiss Re when the organisation decided to empower their employees with state-of-the-art infrastructure at their Bangalore office.

The project involved creating and integrating several Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Training rooms, Huddle rooms, Boardrooms and a Digital Cafeteria across multiple floors of the building.

Actis created a large Training-cum-Multipurpose Room which can be divided into 3 smaller rooms seating 15 people using flexible partitions, or combined when a larger group needs to be accommodated. Wireless presentations are enabled with a wireless presentation gateway and the room also features sound reinforcement and voice tracking technology. This ensures that the devices follow people as they move around and ensure audio clarity is not compromised.

Another Medium Training room which seats up to 25 participants was also created and uses all-digital Digital Media technology for signal distribution and management. The primary display is a 98-inch LED Backlit UHD Display while a Cisco hardware-codec based video conferencing system allows two-way collaboration and content sharing.

The largest and most complex AV integrated rooms created is the 500-800 seater digital cafeteria which is equipped to handle Town Hall meetings and set up for two-way audio and video broadcast. Wireless presenting, multiple large displays and VC cameras ensure that anything in the room can be captured and made visible to all the participants.

For meetings involving smaller groups, 16 huddle rooms were created, to supplement a handful of larger VC or collaboration rooms.

What key challenges were faced?

One of the key challenges at SwissRe was the complexity of conducting live two-way AV broadcasts for their Town Hall events. Since the organisations Town Hall is conducted in the Cafeteria space, it was not possible to permanently put in large consoles for management of the various control elements for lighting, capture and streaming. But the complexity of managing and conducting live events of this importance and magnitude required that a solution be found.

How were those challenges resolved?

To address the need for an in-room AV control console, Actis created a motorised AV control table which is brought in only during live events to allow high-quality monitoring and broadcast management. The customized table is a management console which features built-in displays and control interfaces to allow control of all the AV, lighting and broadcast equipment in the room. The Multimedia team is able to monitor and control every element that comes into ensuring every segment of the event is captured and transmitted smoothly, and that a high-quality of content production is achieved. Being present in the room makes a big difference in their ability to do this while maintaining the event flow, as they can anticipate the needs of speakers or speedily intervene when a problem occurs.

How has your work helped the client?

The Swiss Re team has benefited from the new collaboration infrastructure created by us in a variety of ways, and the feedback from end-users within the organisation has been very positive. The most obvious benefit has been the increase in the number of rooms which are equipped to aid meeting and collaboration across the organisation. This has resulted in wider access to AV and collaboration technology, and has also ensured better utilisation of the rooms – 16 smaller huddle rooms reduce the reliance on the larger VC and collaboration rooms.

The move from analog to digital signal management infrastructure using Crestron DigitalMediaâ„¢ simplified the setup of the rooms and has also made it simpler for management and for use by their teams. It’s easier to share content, wireless presenting brings simpler connectivity and video/audio clarity is also considerably improved especially in video conferencing applications. All of this contributes to smoother business workflows for the teams at a relatively cost-effective price point, which is the outcome that the organisation was looking for.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

We believe that Actis has been able to create collaboration infrastructure that meets the objectives outlined by the Swiss Re Multimedia team by creating a very flexible set of solutions than adapt to their dynamic needs and also ensure its long term benefits. The move from analog to digital signal management infrastructure has brought easy sharing, simpler connectivity and better video/audio clarity to the Swiss Re collaboration rooms.

Multipurpose rooms are a key feature of this infrastructure and we’re pleased about the kind of adaptability that they have created for the Swiss Re team. Accommodating groups of varying sizes was an important consideration while building this infrastructure this has been achieved across multiple applications like training, Town Hall, meeting, collaboration and video conferencing.

For training, groups of 15-25-30-60 people can be accommodated in an appropriately sized room and these are extensively used. For larger group interactions the training room can transform into a 60 seat meeting or event space, while the Digital Cafeteria can accommodate gatherings of upto 500-800 seater which is especially critical for their Town Hall meetings.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

  • NEC P703 – 70″” LED Backlit Display
  • NEC X981UHD-2 – 98″” LED Backlit UHD Display
  • Panasonic PT-RZ770 – Ceiling mounted WUXGA 7200 lumens laser projector
  • Extron XTP SFR HD 4K MM – XTP 4K Fiber Optic Scaling Receiver for HDMI
  • Barco Clickshare CSM-1 – Wireless presentation system
  • Extron XTP II CrossPoint 1600- Modular Digital Matrix Switcher 16×16 with SpeedSwitch Technology
  • Cisco CTS-SX80-K9 – SX80 Codec, rack ears and power cable
  • Cisco CTS-P60-K9 – Full HD 10x optical zoom PTZ camera
  • Biamp Tesira Server I/O – AVB – Chassis based audio signal processor with DSP card included
  • Extron SF 26CT – 6.5″” Ceiling Speakers with 8″” Back Can
  • AMX NX-3200 – Control processor
  • Full HD 30x optical zoom PTZ camera Sony SRG-300H


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