#10 Global Oil & Gas Corporate’s Campus in India

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Budget: Premium segment of 10 crore INR and above (USD1.5 million and above)

Project Overview:

The world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company for the first time were setting up their biggest facility outside US, spread over approximately 150,000 Sq-ft in area across 3 floors with 2 zones and large enough to house over 3000 people . The Idea was to replicate the technology being used in their US campus here as well, in line with the company’s vision to use the best of products and services available in the industry. The technology intent was to get connected to offices and refineries of the company across the globe and round the clock which included remote monitoring.

The campus is automated with the latest in technology and comprises of several types of Presentation Rooms, Video Conferencing Rooms, Boardrooms, Training Rooms, Learning Centres, Town Centre, Network Operating Centre, Digital Signage’s, scope of about 165 areas of AV installation all integrated together, monitored and controlled through a Control System. AVID India was chosen in a tough competition nationally amongst top AV Systems Integrators, as the best AV/ICT Systems Integrator to supply, install, integrate and maintain the facility. Being in the oil refinery business health and safety norms were very high and therefore the work execution methodology had to be of the highest standard.

What did the client want to achieve?

This project was a complex, fully digital installation comprising of integrating 165 odd areas, and wanted to set up their largest R&D office outside the US to house over 3000 people.
The Clients aspiration was to have the best of AV connectivity between their offices and refineries worldwide. The team in India was geographically spread across in different facilities, hence having multiple costs involved, to achieve better coordination between the team members the client decided to have all its operations under a single roof.

This Oil & Gas Corporate main motive was to share confidential content/data between their office across the globe, so collaboration was one of their asks. The second ask from the business team was coordination between production and sales planning, hence the use of sophisticated AV equipment’s was the need of the hour.
Also the client wanted the facility to support training sessions with the capability of both internal and distant training options. They required multiple meeting rooms, VC rooms, huddle rooms with collaboration facilities.

Finally they required a large all hands area for presentations for their senior management to address the team In India, to achieve the same a world class AV solution was deployed

Scope of work your company was involved in:

We were chosen by the client for AV integration and value add purpose, below are few listed works which we delivered:

Connect ,Think Tank & Huddle Room : all these are typical rooms had flat panel displays with VGA, HDMI and Display Port connectivity, with room TP’s in the room for controls and TP’s outside the room used as schedulers

20 PAX room: these rooms are similar to 12 PAX with VC except the Display size is 90” when compared to the 65” used earlier. The sources have increased in these rooms hence we have used the DM16x16 Switcher.

12 PAX room with/without VC: We used dual display here for presentation & distance communication purpose. We are using table embedded microphones via the DSP, with auto voice track with the help of the Eagle Eye director. Wireless presentation solutions are also incorporated via the 8×8 DM Switcher with necessary I/O cards. The use of occupancy sensor for lighting & monitoring purpose is incorporated

Meeting Centre: these are a combination of 3 Rooms used for meetings/ training/All hands sessions. We have used multiple high brightness business projector housed in motorised lifts, for speech there are wireless microphone systems & antennae distribution systems via DSP’s. For switching different sources to their destinations we are using the DM 32X32 Switcher & room controls have 4 touch panels working as master & slave accordingly. Finally we also have the recording feature incorporated.

What key challenges were faced?

Apart from the complexity of the project we had variety of challenges, the first being tight time lines for delivery/install/commissioning. We got good support from all manufacturers for faster deliveries.

At the start of the project the client outsourced the programming to their US partner. Twenty days prior to going live the client reached out to us for Crestron programming support as his US partner was not be able to complete the same. They wanted the same GUI as their US office and the flow of the program as well. We had snap shots of the touch panel pages from client and started to prepare the GUI’s and writing the program.

The challenge was to program test and commission over 160+ rooms in about less than 3 weeks and we took up the challenge and completed the same before the set deadline. Seeing our efficiency the client then wanted us to do also program their Fusion and integrate it with their US campus. AV and IT team put up the great work of doing the same as well. This was a good learning experience to Integrate with the Client network in US.

Finally our Risk Mitigation team played an important role to overcome the challenges and ensured we deploy the project within the stipulated timelines given to us.

How were those challenges resolved?

Being in this business since the last decade, our experience and expertise helped us to overcome the hurdles. Mitigation of project delivery risk through rigorous proven off and on site delivery process with advance procurement helped us to block the material even before the formal PO was in place. This helped in a faster turnaround of the equipment’s at site. We had received the PO on the 2nd July 2015 and our first delivery of equipment started by the 27th July 2015 which gave confidence to the client on their decision.

Internally we divided the entire project in three parts and each part was assigned a dedicated Assistant Project Manager with each manager having a team of close to six engineers. As the project had different types of rooms, the same was bifurcated between the APM’s accordingly to ensure a faster deployment of this project. The Systems application team worked round the clock to complete the Fusion Integration and the necessary back end programs.

Next was to Install and Integrate the same, we initially set up mock-up rooms for all typical rooms and got the client signoff and replicated the same to the balance rooms, ensuring a snag free install.

This Oil & Gas Corporate had stringent guidelines for health & safety standards, our team was trained to ensure the policies are adhered to. We also deployed a special quality control team here to get better results of the execution.

How has your work helped the client:

Room Booking: – We have used room schedulers for booking of rooms this helps in effective use of meeting rooms, this helps client for better usage of meeting rooms, hence effective use of real estate in turn saves money for company.

Streaming & 4K Compatibility: – In the training room we have incorporated HD presentation & recording, client can now achieve live streaming across their network worldwide.

Ease of Controls: – Also we have programmed in such a way that at the scheduled time of meeting the systems turn on from touch panel, hence the user on entering starts the presentation in a jiffy.

Customer Feedback: – User can also share their feedback on the AV system using the touch panels

Auto Shutdown:- Auto shutdown feature has been incorporated , the system will shut down if user has not occupied the room

Help Desk: – Special services can be availed from the touch panel.

Automatic Setup: – Partition Sensor automatically detect the room configuration and triggers the system to change automatically for appropriate orientation.

Fusion Integration:- We have integrated Fusion with their US office global AV support centre as well , hence remote support is also available apart from India support desk, which removes the use of physical support required in turn less AV technicians required.

What are you most proud of in relation to the project?

The project overall had many proud moments for us. Initially during the tender bid there were close 7 top AVSI’s bidding for this prestigious project. Our early engagement helped us to reach the top 3 list and eventually we were awarded this contract. We had multiple round of Technical and commercial interviews, due to our International experience, we had significant global experience in delivering large, complex and fast track projects in varying construction environments, the client was in safe hands.

As informed earlier the client entrusted us on system programming just twenty days prior to the go live date. AVID took this as a challenge, and delivered beyond the clients expectations. This was possible to achieve as we have certified & trained AV professionals in the industry working with us. On completion of the systems programs the client approached us to change the programs in their US office too, as they found our solution far more superior and had better logics than their existing AV vendor’s at US, this was indeed a proud moment for us in this project.

The Project Management Consultants (Jones Lang LaSalle) awarded the team with a trophy for all our efforts we had put in for the completion of this humongous project, as an appreciation from their side. Finally the most proud moment for us was the enhancement of our business alliance with Jones Lang LaSalle & the client for future projects with them.

List of KEY Brands and related Solutions (Models) that were defined for the project:

Barco – ClickShare wireless presentation systems. It is very easy to connect and display content, from whatever laptop. All with a simple click user can share laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen bring people, content and ideas together. And make sharing easier in every meeting!

Beyerdynamic – Quinta: The latest generation of wireless conference systems These microphones can be used for productive meetings, even in larger groups, conference systems are essential, as they provide maximum speech intelligibility and a structured dialogue.

Biamp – Tesira SERVER- IO Tesira SERVER-IO can support both scalable DSP and I/O in the same device, including up to three DSP-2 cards and up to 12 I/O cards, as well as AVB, Dante™, and/or CobraNet®. Tesira SERVER-IO is easily configurable, and allows you to leverage VoIP while networking multiple rooms together over AVB

Crestron– Room Schedulers, Occupancy and Partition Sensors, Digital Media. Out-of-the-box room scheduling, they eliminate confusion over which room is booked by whom and for how long. Dual-technology motion sensing is used to identify whether room is occupied or not, this helps reducing energy consumption and enhancing the functionality. The sensor uses an infrared (IR) beam to sense the position of movable partitions within a space, with its optimized sensing accuracy it identifies whether the partitions are opened or closed and trigger signals to combined or isolate the rooms automatically.. Digital Media provides a complete presentation control and signal routing solution, integrates the control system and multi-format matrix.

ClearOne – Converge Pro 880T Unmatched HDConference™ Audio, Full-bandwidth Acoustical Echo Cancellation (AEC), Improved duplex performance to create the most natural interaction, Integrated Ethernet and USB connections.

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